Ever Heard of Brown Fat?

by Jason Soto

Great news for coffee drinkers…

A study published last week in Scientific Reports found drinking coffee can help you burn fat!

Researchers found that a cup of coffee — or any other caffeinated drink — helps stimulate your body’s brown fat.

Brown fat is the kind your body likes to burn for heat. (This is different from white fat, which is your body’s storage of unused calories.)


By stimulating brown fat, your metabolism is naturally boosted.

This may actually explain why many people feel WARM after consuming caffeine. That’s your body’s fat-burning processes kicking into high gear!

According to the researchers behind the study:
"3 cups a day is the most you should consume"

“Don’t do more,” said one researcher, Dr. Agus. “More isn’t better.”

And of course, I advise you to drink your coffee as plain as possible. Anything you add to your coffee adds calories, and undoes some of the benefits.

If you must drink your coffee sweet and light, I recommend unsweetened almond or coconut milk, and a touch of Stevia.

Definitely AVOID “dessert” drinks like Frappacinos — those pack on pounds like crazy!

Avoid fat coffee drinks - African Mango Diet

To Your Health!