Natural Weight Loss System That Really Works

The most important thing to remember about losing weight and creating a healthy lifestyle is to know your body.    Let's review the simple 3-Phase Lose Lbs EZ system.    In short...It's a meal plan + all-natural products.  Here's the breakdown: 

Phase 1:  African Mango Drops + Loading

Rapid Weight Loss Formula - African Mango Drops

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2 days of "LOADING" (NOT "gording"!  You are loading so your body can use the fats as fuel over the next 2 weeks)

Day 1 & 2: 

FOCUS on eating every two hours for two days in order to keep yourself in a constant state of “Fullness”.  Think of this as 2 days of "grazing".  Eating something every two hours is CRUCIAL!  This 2 day process of loading prepares your body for RAPID FAT LOSS over the next 28-32 days.  

Unless your normal fat reserves are well-stocked you will not remain comfortable during Phase 2.  Don’t worry, you will gain a few pounds these first 2 days.  However, it will promptly come off.  So ENJOY the ice cream and cheese cake!


Phase 2:  African Mango Drops + Raspberry Keytone Drops + Meal Plan

Rapid Weight Loss - African Mango + Raspberry Keytone

Continue taking African Mango Drops & Begin taking Raspberry Ketone


Phase 2 Requirements (Important):

Day 3 - 30+ (MINIMUM of 23 days on program)

Now watch the weight come off!

You must follow the Lose Lbs EZ System during the duration of the program until you are ready for Phase 3.

Eat only from the very low calorie LoseLbsEZ Natural Weight Loss System approved food list. 

You can continue Phase 2 until you have reached your desired goal weight! 

Do not stop taking the African Mango Drops & Raspberry Ketone until you are ready for Phase 3. This is essential because you need this powerful formula to remain in your system working for you.


Phase 3: Maintenance Phase (21 days) This is a crucial phase!

LoseLbsEZ All Natural Daily Support Formula

Avoid all sugars and starches for 3 weeks.

Phase 3 is critical because your body resets your metabolism and hypothalamus for your new body weight. It takes about 3 weeks after following this Natural Weight Loss System to stabilize.

Focus on your new lifestyle goals: 

  • Rejoice in your success!  You just lost a ton of weight! 

  • Commit to your goal!   Keep it up.  Besides the weight loss, look at all of the other great benefits of losing unwanted pounds. 

  • Just eat healthy! (it's that aware of everything you put in your body). 

IMPORTANT: Stay within 2-3 lbs above or below the last recorded weight while taking the All Natural Daily Support Formula.

**Please note: people who gain their weight back, usually failed at this part of the Natural Weight Loss System. So be STRICT with yourself… IT IS WORTH IT!


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